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alwriting.co.uk provides background information for Alan Watson's e-books, the first of which is Gravity and Mind - Human Response to Tectonic Stress, published in July 2013.  The focus of Gravity and Mind is a comparison between two lists, namely one of earthquakes, kindly provided by British Geological Survey and one of riots, which Alan has compiled from his own research.  This research has lead to the database of riots included here at alwriting.co.uk, which is intended to provide the opportunity for the public at large to suggest potential omissions from the list with the aim of developing the database further.

Alan would welcome any suggestions for potential omissions, which can be provided through the submission window, and would be subject to review and research before a decision is made about inclusion in the list.

The comparison between the lists has enabled a proof of statistical significance in the unusually high numbers of riots which occur shortly before earthquakes.  This appears to confirm that there is a Human Response to Tectonic Stress.

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