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In Gravity and Mind - Human Response to Tectonic Stress, Alan Watson describes striking new evidence that humans may be influenced by geological processes occurring deep within the earth.  By comparing the incidence of rioting and disorder with the occurrence of earthquakes in England and Wales, he has provided a clear and compelling statistical proof that the distribution of riots before earthquakes is substantially different to the distribution of riots after earthquakes.  There are far more riots shortly before earthquakes than would be expected by chance.

This leads to further discussions about which of the various seismic effects prior to earthquakes could be causing this little known phenomenon.  Some evidence obtained during the research suggests that gravity may be a significant factor.  This postulation is based on the unusual distribution of riots potentially influenced by tectonic stress occurring when the earth is one side of the Sun between January and July.

Alan Watson is a Chartered Civil Engineer by profession and considers the influence of stress on the ground in his daily activities as a Ground Investigation Specialist working in the UK Construction Industry.  This aspect of his working life has provided the background to the research about the influence of stress in the ground on a much wider regional scale for Gravity and Mind.

A chapter of Gravity and Mind is dedicated to rioting and disorder in England and Wales and has been the precursor to a web-page presenting the database of riots which can be found on the navigation bar above.  The intention is to ensure that the list of riots used in Gravity and Mind can be subject to public scrutiny so that any gaps or omissions can be identified and verified.  Ultimately, this approach should ensure that the list can be confirmed as reliable for the purpose of future editions of Gravity and Mind.

Gravity and Mind has shown that there is Human Response prior to earthquakes.  At the very least, this shows that we are far from a full understanding of the behaviour and nature of the human mind.  The research may ultimately shed new light on our relationship with Planet Earth and asks new questions about the interaction between the Human Mind and the Physical World.  The conclusions of Gravity and Mind have significant worldwide implications for the study of both Earth Science and Human Behaviour.